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Workouts for fitness, relaxation music, personalized health recommendations, information on diseases, latest health news, and fitness articles.

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Learn right kind of exercises to manage stress, improve sleep quality, maintain weight, stay fit and live healthy life.

News and Articles

Get access to the latest health related news and fitness article from trusted news media and health organizations.

Relaxation Music

Relax with soothing sounds of nature, western classical music, Raga (eastern classical music), and western instrumental music.

Health Guide

Get personalized health recommendations for yourself or a loved one. Find common symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention for over 900 diseases and health conditions.


Watch Yoga, Pranayama (breathing technique), Meditation, Aerobics/Cardio, Strength/Weight exercises, diet, and Tai Chi videos to learn new techniques from several experts in their areas of expertise. Get quick access to exercise libraries, yoga workshop, and meditation libraries from reliable and well-respected sources such as American Council on Exercise (ACE). Explore spirituality section to watch several videos on mindfulness from different spiritual leaders, experts and doctors.

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Fitness Articles and Health News

Use our settings tool to choose from more than 35 news media sources including Mayo Clinic, WebMD, NIH, ABC, CNN, Fox, The Times, BBC and so on. News in 'Fitness & Diet' and 'Running & Bicycling' give you instant access to the interesting articles and news from leading magazines and organizations in those specialized areas.

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Health Recommendations

Find which preventive services you or your loved one need this year. Get list of doctors recommendations based on your age, gender, pregnancy status.

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personalized health recommendations
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Diseases and Conditions

Read about symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention for over 900 diseases, illnesses, health conditions and wellness issues such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, insomnia, depression, pregnancy, obesity, weight control, diet, sleep, ADHD etc. In addition, users can read news on these topics from medicinenet, mayo clinic, WebMD and other trusted organizations. You may either browse categories and corresponding subcategories to find the topic of interest to you or use our search tool to locate your desired health topic.

Relaxation Music

Relax with soothing sounds of nature, western classical music, raga (eastern classical music), and western instrumental music.

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